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  2. Introducing the Digital Experiment: Fail your way to Success

    “Ever Tried. Ever Failed. No Matter.

    Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”

    No customer has the same needs as any other you’ll ever encounter. And no best practice will work the same for every customer. So why should you expect it to?

    It’s time to stop pretending that “one size fits all” and accept that digital marketing is and always will be an experiment. A journey to find the best solutions for your customer.

    So let’s deepdive into some of the digital strategies we implemented for one of our customers. Let’s find out where we succeeded, but also where we tried hard but hit a wall and where we failed.

    Yes, you heard that right: where we failed and what we learned. Because digital marketing isn’t a free-for-all without ROI – instead it’s a measured experiment where even failure can bring us to success.

    Want to know more? Join our talk and find out why failure isn’t your problem to drive growth.

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  3. Data, from statement to actions

    Martin has 10 years of experience in digital with a focus on performance since the beginning. He has proven skills in SEA and SEO but also in programmatic buying, ad operations, web analytics and so on. He’s very curious about new technology, loves to scrape the surface and dig to its core.

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  4. Lunch Break

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  5. SharpSpring : Marketing Automation Made Easy

    Drive more leads. Convert them to sales. A powerful keynote on how to start and implement Marketing Automation. Stuffed with real-live Belgian examples, on flows, personalization and analytics. If you want to see the future in action? Listen to the experience of the first SharpSpring Platinum Partner of Belgium.

    As a creative consultant on marketing and communication Carlo's goal is to create profitable success in business is through creative communication and innovation.
    As a consultant and trainer he encourages people to take action and responsibility for personal growth. Personal growth is the balance between logic, heart and soul. Between work, personal and spiritual live.
    As an entrepreneur, manager and board member Carlo's goal is to take responsibility for our society.

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  6. The 4 most common mistakes in Marketing Automation and how to avoid them?

    The last couple of years, marketing automation has been on the forefront of many marketer’s agenda. However, a recent study done by RAAK, showed that only a minority has implemented marketing automation properly. In this presentation we’ll show you the pitfalls to avoid and a hands-on approach to build a solid marketing automation strategy. You’ll leave the room with insights and an effective blueprint to build your own plan.

    Tim Karpisek started out at Belgian email marketing pioneer EmailGarage in 2008. In 2014 he was one of the core members of the team who launched marketing automation agency RAAK. To this day, Tim is responsible for RAAK’s account management, strategy and business development. He is a renowned speaker at marketing events and frequently lectures at colleges for higher education and universities.

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  7. Proper management according to Bart De Weale

    Digital communication agency Wijs has grown from 20 to 85 employees in a short time. Wijs works for brands such as Belfius, Tui, Rock Werchter, KBC, Partena, Proximus, Bel & Bo, Van Marcke, Telenet, VDAB, JBC, Torfs, Carrefour, among others."

    Bart, CEO of Wijs, will share his vision on agency management, team management, professional services automation and how Wijs became one of the most efficient and succesful agencies on the market right now.

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  8. How to feed the content beast needed for Marketing Automation

    Marketing automation or digital transformation is impossible, if you do not store your marketing assets into one smart environment. If digital assets, text content, marketing planning, CRM data (and other assets you need in marketing) are not in one system, you will fail in marketing automation, you will fail in maintaining your website, and you will fail in running marketing campaigns. Censhare integrates the applications Collaboration and Process Management, Digital Asset Management, Product Information Management, Omnichannel Content Management, Brand Management and Marketing Resource Management in one solution. A true solution for a true Content First strategy.

    Joz did his first behavior driven campaign in 1985, specialized in direct marketing to evolve to data driven marketing around the late 90's, first automated Email campaign in 2000 and is now marketing automation specialist.

    Pieter Stroop is responsible for censhare’s business in the Benelux and the Nordics and responsible for Sales in Northern Europe. He has been working in data intelligence and marketing automation, in leading client facing roles in the Benelux for the past 20 years.

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  9. 20 years of empowering users of marketing automation platform

    It’s about technology and people, over time.

    You, as a user of marketing automation technology, need to build 1to1 customer journeys and deliver great individual experiences. How to start? Which road to follow?

    Jonathan will share 20 years of experience from onboarding new users to making continuous improvements. Only the right mix of technology and people with a progressive roadmap deliver at the end.

    After a decade in marketing, sales and product management, Jonathan has built up a passion for helping marketers leverage digital technology to provide outstanding customer experiences. His motto drives his passion: “Always be curious, never stop learning”.

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  10. Building a marketing automation ecosystem in B2B

    Marketing automation is just a means to an end and certainly not a standalone initiative that wanders around somewhere between marketing, IT and sales. Too many companies start a marketing automation trajectory for the sake of automating in the end... standard tasks like sending emails. And that’s exactly why about 33% of all marketing automation implementations gets abandoned in the first two years of ‘trying to get the thing operational’. Messer Group and The House of Marketing joined forces slightly over a year ago with one BHAG in mind: decreasing the companies’ sales rep dependency ratio and adding value to the newly implemented CRM. We’ll give you a walk-through in the process of deploying a marketing automation set-up in multiple countries, multiple languages while +50 DMU’s are involved. As a cherry on the cake we’ll share key results on how we succeeded in lowering our cost per lead with over 50%.

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