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  2. How to protect your software inventions and what about intellectual property on artificial intelligence?

    The digital world is evolving fast and is more global than ever before. In this global environment it’s essential to protect your developments to ensure your return-on-investment. This is the case for hardware innovations but also for software innovations. In this session you will learn on how to protect your innovations with a focus on software and artificial intelligence. Practical examples will be included.

    Frank VAN COPPENOLLE is a European Patent Attorney specialized in electronics, mechanics, ICT and computer implemented inventions. After a corporate career of more than 10 years as IP Manager, Patent Attorney, and senior patent portfolio manager and IP strategist, Frank continued his career as Senior Patent Attorney and Head of the High-Tech Patent Team at IP consultancy firm GEVERS. In this function Frank provides intellectual property services to clients within the well-known 360° IP service offer of GEVERS customized to their clients’ needs and business strategy.

    Adding value through quality, security, innovation and excellence is what Frank delivers to his clients and what GEVERS stands for in general. The High-Tech Patent Team Frank manages focuses amongst others on computer implemented inventions. Towards clients, Frank advises clients on patentability of inventions, IP protection strategies, patent infringement and enforcement, patent validity and license agreements. He defends clients in oppositions and appeals at the EPO and in national and international litigation and dispute resolution procedures. His clients include both small and large, national and international corporations, government institutions, consultancy firms and law firms.

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  3. A digital society needs a digital ID

    Our world is becoming more digital and more mobile every day. The sensitivity of information being exchanged online grows rapidly and data privacy is a real concern to many people. How are we facing new challenges to keep pace with today's digital transformation? Getting rid of all paper flows, taking KYC-process to the next level, improve customers’ experience, introduce a safer way to login and confirm transactions, be compliant with EU regulations and PSD2. Creating a digital ID in a country is one of the solution, but it requires more than just technology. How did we handle that in Belgium? itsme®is a digital ID that combines security, trust and respect for privacy. Offering all basic features to truly digitalize a process: from client onboarding, over order confirmation to safely signing contracts. It is easy to use in the public and private sector and based on a transparent and fair business model.

    Active in the recent past in domains such as mobile banking & payments, Kris De Rick is passionate about innovation that makes life easier. He now moved from the ‘check-out’ to the ‘check-in’ where every customer journey begins. Belgian Mobile ID is a consortium of Belgium's leading banks and mobile network operators who have joined together to create the Belgian reference for mobile identity and digital privacy. itsme® was recognized as Belgian official mobile ID 7 months after its launch.

    Some key takeaways:
    - a verified digital ID is a key component to create a safe digital society
    - discover the trends of digital ID
    - get practical examples how digital ID can create new opportunities for your business

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  5. What is AI and why is it so hard?

    Despite all the buzz about Artificial Intelligence, there are still a lot questions about what AI exactly is, how it works and what it can mean for your organization.  This talk will zoom in on these topics and show the many challenges that are still to be solved.

    Johan Loeckx received a MSc. in Electronic Engineering (2003), a MSc. in AI (2004) and a PhD in 2010 from K.U.Leuven, Belgium. He co-designed the encryption system for securely exchanging patient information in the Belgian healthcare sector. In 2012, he was one of the co-founders of the second Flemish Freinet school in Brussels. He is an active musician. Johan is currently associate professor and lab manager at the Artificial Intelligence Lab at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels, Belgium, responsible for the R&D strategy and business development

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  6. How to innovate with your AI project? - an ICT innovation tool to help companies in their digital transition is a technology hub focused on research, development, innovation and valorization. We help Brussels emerge as the ICT Heart of Europe. Funded by the ERDF and Innoviris and as a joint initiative of ULB , VUB and SIRRIS, is entirely devoted to strengthening Research and Innovation in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in Brussels. It has already launched R&D ICT projects in several key domains like education, e-Health, mobility, Internet of Things or 5G. A new Innovation Lab will also soon offer a Hardware/Software blending environment to all active regional ICT players.

    Designed to help improve metabolic exchanges between the regional R&D and industrial ecosystems, represents the first building block of a more ambitious, longer-term project aiming to create a large ICT-Park assembling all major regional players in ICT education, R&D and Innovation.


    With a keen eye for innovation, Ronnie Raeymaekers has over 15 years experience in technological innovative projects and has spent the past 6 years evangelizing open innovation in a fast moving technology industry. With a software engineering background, Ronnie Raeymaekers is passionate about innovation, research, technology and digitalisation in Brussels. He loves to unleash the power of disruptive innovative technology and is combining his skills/experience/knowledge in technology, business development and entrepreneurship to support companies with their digital transformation.

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  7. Blockchain Beyond the Hype: from pilot to production

    Blockchain: hype or reality? IntellectEU is a fintech integrator company focused on building blockchain-based applications for the financial services industry. In this session we will expose how we go the extra mile and go from design to production. We will expose the challenges and how we tackled them and go bit deeper into specific use-cases such as digital identity.

    Thomas Bohner is the blockchain lead at IntellectEU. He previously spent some time at Motive Partners, KBC Securities, and Cashforce, with a particular focus on research and technology. Bohner holds a MSc in Applied Economics and Finance from the University of Antwerp. Thomas is also a frequent speaker at industry-led events.

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  8. The use of customer sentiment analysis to identify correlations with the Net Promotor Score (NPS): a case in the retail

    In this presentation, we will give insights on how sentiment analysis and the use of net promotor scores can help you get a clearer view of your customers. The net promotor score in marketing analysis is a score given to a customer to measure customer loyalty and customer satisfaction. Customers also give feedback in free text fields (surveys, questionnaires, online, after sales,..). We’ll see how sentiment analysis correlates (or not) with the net promotor score, based on customer feedback. We’ll illustrate this with a specific case in the retail industry.

    Alain Goossens is a Managing Partner of SII Belgium, formerly known as Uniway. SII Belgium is a digital consulting agency that works in three business units: “Productivity & Collaboration”, “E-commerce & Digital Marketing” and “Actionable Insights & Smart Solutions”. Since a few years, Alain has specialized himself in Big data, analytics and smart solutions. In 2017, he completed a postgraduate degree in “Big Data & Analytics in Business & Management” at the Catholic University of Leuven.

    Jean-Pierre van Loo is a civil engineer in electronics and data scientist at SII Belgium. He completed Microsoft’s AI training program and is a Microsoft certified AI data scientist. He works closely together with Alain Goossens on several AI projects.

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  9. 75 ideas for creating value with AI

    In this talk, we will present three different strategies for finding concrete use cases at medium to large companies. These strategies are: finding problems and see if they can be solved with Machine Learning, mapping known solutions to your company, and targeting processes that are currently driven by business rules.

    Next we will present the Machine Learning Maturity Assessment: an evaluation framework for evaluating an organisation on their ML use. This tool helps companies to find their weaknesses, strengths and source of uniqueness.

    Finally, we will show you why you need to integrate AI and Machine Learning consistently as a process, instead of just as a one off. We will show real life examples of how these techniques were applied to large companies that are active in telco, automotive and finance industries.

    Jos is the Head of Artificial Intelligence at Faction XYZ, an applied AI services provider with large customers in different sectors. Originally a mathematician, he has lead Machine Learning and AI implementation all over the world. Over the last years, Jos lead the team that was responsible for developing the NLP models that power, the most popular entreprise-ready chatbot platform in Europe.

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  10. Data: the ultimate playground for customer centricity

    What are the do's and don’ts of personalisation within the current GDPR framework? How can you avoid its pitfalls to build the best tools for your business and your customers? We tell you more about how provides a personalised experience for each of its members by harnessing key technical concepts, now inextricably part of a good customer experience, such as sales and product ranking, recommendation engines and collaborative filtering. We highlight how a customer-centred strategy based on smart segmentation and empathic thinking helps you build an environment in which both businesses and customers thrive.

    Stefan has been the Marketing Manager for the North-European market of since January 2018. He first joined the company as a Relevance Manager. Before that, he spent 13 years at KBC where he held multiple positions such as Head of Sales and Marketing, Head of KBC Live, Information Risk Officer and Business Analyst. Stefan studied information technology at PXL College and completed a masters in management at the Antwerp Management School.

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