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  2. How to go omnichannel in an extremely disconnected IT environment

    Nowadays clients expect a truly personalized shopping experience, no matter what channel they use. They also expect a cross-channel unification of price, offer and stock availability. But how can companies achieve this when the complexity of their IT environment has grown exponentially over the years? How can companies prepare for a future where each client will have a POS system in its pocket, and as a consequence, the transaction processing will be even more distributed than now?

    During her talk Joanna will focus on ideas on how to overcome these struggles and will present real-life case studies in which cross-channel promotion management systems are implemented for global brands.

    Joanna is a highly experienced Consulting Director of the Comarch team and joined the company in 2012. She is passionate about IT and psychology, and has a particular interest in cases where both fields meet. 
    She is specialized in CRM, Customer Loyalty and BI solutions, and has an impressive track record of large project implementations for companies active in retail, travel and petrol. She works from the Comarch Brussels office, from where she serves the European market. And because of her knowledge of Russian, she is also involved in the Comarch activities there. 
    Joanna is a curiosity-driven person that always looks for matching work with fun!

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  3. Digital transformation and customer care - how to digitalize the image perceived by your customers?

    Your Customer Care department is the frontline of your company and the visible part of your digital transformation. To digitalize your image, you must start with the Your Customer Care department is the frontline of your company and the visible part of your digital transformation. To digitalize your image, you must start with the relational aspect of your business to offer an outstanding customer experience.

    How to catch up with your customers behaviors' evolution? What do they expect from you? In this session we will review the various levers of a successful Digital Transformation from a Customer Care perspective and define bottlenecks you will need to address to offer an outstanding customer experience.

    Julien has more than 10 years’ international experience in Marketing and Customer Care positions across multiple industries including toys, medical, hospitality, F&B, logistics, electronics, etc. As Head of Marketing of Dimelo Julien strives for improving customer care worldwide and closing the gap between what companies have to offer and what customers expect. Author and blogger, Julien regularly writes about customer experience and marketing topics.

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  5. Digital Customer Onboarding: 9 steps to success

    Consumers love e-commerce. The exponential growth of this buying process is proof that the ease-of-use and flexibility it gives are appreciated by the majority of the population. E-commerce vendors in the retail world have been fine-tuning their customer experience in such a way that buying online becomes natural and fast. How come then that in some businesses we still need physical contact and old style paperwork to finally become a customer? Solutions are available but do vendors consider all the necessary elements to make the customers’ and their life as easy as possible? In this presentation we analyze 9 steps that are needed for a successful digital onboarding process.

    Creating innovative solutions for customers has always been what drives me. That’s the reason why I started Docbyte back in 2006. From the start, Docbyte’s focus was on creating re-usable, generic Information Management solutions that support our customers in their core processes. One of those solutions became a product called DocShifter, a flexible platform that makes it possible to transform any kind of input format to any other output format. The newest addition is our spin-out Scio, that will primarily focus on legal digital archiving. My role is and has primarily been centered around strategic partnerships, marketing, sales management and general management.

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  6. Boost your efficiency: digitise now!

    Managing your business online today is easier than ever. Digital business is not just another hype, it’s a necessity to any business. Managing customers, sales and invoicing online was never as important and easy at the same time. Your website and social media are easily transformed into a functional, attractive business card to your SME.  

    During this presentation you will discover:

    How to deal with possible thresholds; The pros of a digital business; How to successfully introduce a new way of working; The next steps towards a digital business.

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  7. Contact Centers: the end of an era

    65% of online service journeys need human assistance. Huh?

    Nowadays, people often start their service journeys online. So why do people still need human assistance? Any ideas? We know!

    I have been active in the customer care business for about 20 years. I am currently the magaging director for TKC digital Belgium. Helping organisations answering their customers’s questions first time right is my passion. Whilst doing this, I help them make the shift to the digital world by facilitating their digital transformation. Go digital where possible, but keep it personal when necessary.

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  8. Most companies measure their marketing performances through meaningless KPI's (Vanity metrics), do you think you don't ?

    Did the traffic on your website sharply increase? Great! And so did your audiences on Social Media? Sweet! But what does it tell you about how efficient your marketing is? Well, sorry to say but nothing.

    For these are vanity metrics: nice to know, easy to monitor but don’t tell you anything about the success of your business. In fact, they don’t bear any direct correlation with what you are trying to achieve. And there are so many of them that it may be hard to tell if you are Data-Driven or Data-Narcissist. In this session, our data-enthusiast Head of Analytics Kévin will help you discern insightful metrics from vanity ones.

    After being graduated in management sciences at Solvay, Kévin moved to Luxembourg where he had the opportunity to work as management consultant and to be in charge of marketing campaigns. When he came back to Belgium, he worked on an entrepreneurial project related to technology and tourism. This experience lead him to focus more and more on digital marketing, which quicky became a passion.

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  9. How data-driven is your organisation?

    Your organization is in the middle of a transformation. Ambitious strategies outline how you will battle the threat of disruptors. Truth is that many of those plans require a solid data foundation. However, this is exactly where many Belgian companies are struggling with.

    Lonneke will share a tested and proven framework for mapping your Digital Analytics Maturity. This framework helps you to get an overview of your organization’s strengths and weaknesses and reveals the gap between ambitions and reality. It’s a great starting point for defining your transformation roadmap.

    Lonneke is founder and digital strategist at Humix and has  always  been  fascinated  about  the  way  humans  interact  with  products  and  their  interfaces. She is convinced that combining good data insights with User Centred thinking will allow companies to create the best user experience for their customers. Humix was founded from  this  conviction and is now a multi-disciplinary  team  of  web  analysts,  conversion and personalisation specialists and  UX-ers.


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  10. Going from Lead Generation to Customer Acquisition, Best practices and tips to success

    Turn out your branding strategy in a Demand Generation source and maximize your marketing ROI. We will walk the path of customer engagement success through proven methods that we apply in our clients' campaigns to optimize media buying and quality monitoring. The tips and study cases outlined here will help you building a truly effective sales converting lead generation strategy. 

    Beatriz combines her passion for communication, travel and jazz music with continuous learning in the field of digital marketing.  She met her match at Fruzzel Group developing media planning, digital strategy and branding concepts for a variety of clients, such as AVM (Fritz!) and Rituals. Fruzzel is a digital agency chosen by many clients worldwide from 888casino to FC Barcelona to manage their international traffic/campaign management. With in-house technology 'Karabanga' marketplace optimizing results for clients.

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