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  2. Transforming The Job Search Industry with Omnichannel Marketing

    Join Ruben Van Goethem (Marketing Manager, De Persgroep Online Services) and Michel Demoor (Managing Partner, Rise + Shine) in this session to learn how has revolutionized what it means to be in the competitive world of: job search. The brand has redefined the career experience, by using extensive consumer profiling to deliver personal messages that are relevant and add value, whether you're an experienced executive looking for a new challenge or a latent-looker hoping to develop your skills in a new area.

    With help from R+S agency and, powered by Selligent, have reimagined what it means to be a job search platform using a Consumer-First omnichannel strategy, to drive engagement and ROI. Uncover how to use lifecycle marketing in your business to deliver results.

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  3. How do you improve your digital sales funnel?

    Specialized in Strategic Marketing, Digital Marketing & E-Commerce, Emmanuel worked for Pierre Marcolini Group, Ahold Delhaize Group, Telenet Group and Hello Bank / BNP Paribas as a consultant.

    He will share his experience with key questions you need to ask yourself, and best practices you can follow, to act efficiently on your sales conversion performance.

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  4. And the Winner is… You and your Customer!

    From its inception in 2003, 2imagine develops in software solutions designed to optimize marketing processes.

    2imagine is a pioneer in developing an online editor for graphic documents (Adobe InDesign and Illustrator).

    This cloud solution fades the boundaries between the DTP designer and the other stakeholders in a publication process.

    Marketing documents, publications and social online posts are created more efficient because all stakeholders are working on the latest version of the (InDesign) document – with a browser, anywhere and on any device.

    We’ll demonstrate in this session how a Cloud marketing collaboration platform will fundamentally change the way agencies and marketing divisions operate.

    All parties involved benefit from shorter production times, less errors and a faster time-to-market.

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  5. You’re only as strong as your weakest customer experience

    Lately, we hear a lot of talk about artificial intelligence and machine learning. Certainly things to look forward to that will reshape customer experiences and digital marketing once again. However, we haven’t mastered the basics yet. So what’s stopping us and how do we get over the hump?

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  6. Real-Attribution, The HolyGrail of affiliatemarketing

    Real Attribution creates the ultimate opportunity to bring back the vast number of publishers who’ve parted with affiliate marketing over time, since they were unable to compete for the last-click position. With attribution, it’s possible for publishers to, once again, be rewarded fairly for their promotions and create new concepts and ideas to deliver unseen performance for advertisers

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  7. What's your next step?

    40% of Flemish & Dutch SMEs are not looking towards the future. In the age where digitisation keeps you in the race, they run the risk of being left behind. Let’s unite as a community of digital professionals, help small businesses partake in the digital economy, and pull European small businesses into the 21st century.

    • Survey results & its impact on “growth”

    • Two types of SMEs, two meanings of growth

    • From low-treshold digitisation to radical innovation

    • Why “it’s not for me” is not a valid answer

    • Teamleader: from product to platform

    • Let’s build the community together

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  8. 3 things you need to know about people and technology

    The challenge for organizations is to create technology that people value, trust and understand without feeling neglected, overwhelmed and confused. I'll uncover 3 essential things you need to know about people, so the digital future will become a little less intimidating, both for you and your customers.

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  9. How Everybody Can Use Machine Learning to Boost Conversion

    Digital Hero Companies like Spotify, Netflix, Amazon, etc. succesfully boost their converison with machine learning technology. From this talk you will learn how also your company can boost its conversion up to 20 times with machine learning. Based on case studies (e.g. Telenet, JBC) you will learn in which parts of your marketing you can use machine learning, how it can be integrated, what data you need and how you can measure results. You will also get an intuition about how it works.

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  10. Bad design still kills

    Everyone makes mistakes. Some are more fun than others. Some are as dangerous as they are avoidable.

    Despite the generalisation of user experience methodologies in product design, bad and misleading interfaces still rules your everyday life. Let’s review some real-world and tangible examples of how digital design can cost you money, hurt you, or even kill you. Literally.

    I (Charles) would like to highlight some digital design cases that put people in danger. Starting with my (his) car.

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