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  2. 8 Steps to a Better Programmatic Marketplace

    The internet is an instrument to enhance knowledge, reward and enable creativity, and help people to engage with each other. It is also one of the world’s largest marketplaces – a place where marketers reach consumers with relevant and engaging advertising; where publishers monetize their creativity and content; and where content is offered consumers free of charge.

    But today’s digital marketplace is riddled with challenges: hate speech, fake news, bad actors siphoning of ad dollars, a highly inefficient supply chain, violations of personal privacy, and more.

    Join Benjamin Sekkai as he walks through the foundational steps to make a better programmatic marketplace, one that is transparent, high-quality and in support of the best interests of marketers, content producers, and users.

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  3. Access the Google Marketing Platform (Incl. Doubleclick) right now!

    As a digital marketeer, you have a direct access to Google Ads (ex-Google Adwords), Facebook Ads, Analytics… why not Doubleclick?

    Programmads is the official Google Marketing Platform Sales Partner in Belgium. During this presentation, we’ll explain the benefits and the process of internalizing the programmatic tools in house.

    Gaetan Godart is Managing Director at Programmads - the only Google Marketing Platform Sales Partner in Belgium. With a 10 years background in digital marketing Gaetan has literally lived the evolution of the market landscape and the emergence of Ad technologies. He now helps brands to face the digital transformation of the media buying and teaches Programmatic Advertising in several universities in Belgium such as Solvay Business School, IHECS Communication School and CREA Genève.

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  4. Lunch Break

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  5. The impact of the changing video landscape on advertising

    Merouane is the Director of Platform Services for SpotX Benelux and helps publishers and broadcasters in Belgium with their programmatic video advertising activities. This includes programmatic techniques such as private marketplaces and Curated Marketplaces as well as strategies for connected television.

    Saadi has extensive experience from both the buy-side and sell-side of the programmatic advertising industry.  He worked as programmatic trading specialist at IP Belgium where he launched the programmatic advertising activities, such as connecting the full online portfolio of RTL Belgium into an ad exchange and offering vertical packages to trading desks. This followed 18 months at Cadreon as well as stints at Universal McCann and Mindshare the latter at which he bought digital media and television advertising on behalf of clients including Nike, Volvo, Ford Motors and Kraft Foods. Saadi is based in Belgium.  

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  6. Programmatic Advertising vs classic Display: what to expect

    Programmatic investments have been skyrocketing over the last years, along with claims for more transparency, brand safety, expert advice from the Advertisers. Yet many Advertisers still confess that the difference between Programmatic advertising and classic Display buying is quite unclear. There are many reasons why Programmatic is the right solution for digital campaigns. Here is why

    Jean-François Zirger joined Gamned! in 2016 as a Sales Manager in Paris. He worked with both Agencies and Advertisers, in industries like Real Estate, Telecom, Transportation, Travel and Retail. He is now the Managing Director of the company’s office in Brussels. Before joining Gamned, he was in charge of Corporate Media Buyings at Orange and graduated from ESCP Europe business School.

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  7. The Future of Search Marketing

    How AI and Machine Learning will impact content?

    Some of the big trends in our industry in 2017 are: voice search, local targeting, personalized content, mobile-first indexing, multimedia results, personalized SERPs, keyword-less search…

    It used to be much simpler, right? In this context, how can we stay on top of Search Engine Results? The choices we make now will shape how successful we are over the next few years, so it’s worth taking the time to get them right.

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  8. Digitalization of TV : Convergence & Culture Shock

    Willem brings 15 years of experience in business development and sales to his role as Publishing Director for The Netherlands and Belgian Flanders at FreeWheel. He is passionate about the development of the premium video ecosystem and champions FreeWheel’s efforts in shaping the future of TV, and maintaining its position as a market leader in EMEA. FreeWheel’s premium video advertising technology is used by more than 20 major broadcasters and distributors across the region, and the company is also a driving force in powering addressable TV in the US and the UK.

    Before joining FreeWheel, Willem worked in business development with Weborama Nederland and RadiumOne, and as Commercial Director at  He graduated from Hotelschool Tilburg and is a fluent speaker in Dutch, English, French and Spanish. 

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  9. Navigating change in Programmatic Advertising

    We have seen a huge amount of change and transformation, across programmatic and the digital market as a whole. From large scale industry collaboration initiatives right through to changes in business models and transactional methodology - Rebecca will take us through the key ones trying to provide further insights on what they mean for our industry.

    Rebecca Ackers is Director for Global Seller Accounts at Rubicon Project. Over her 4 years at the company she has proved herself a leader and an inspiration to the wider business. Her roster of customers reads like a who’s who of premium publishers, including BBC, MailOnline and News UK. Prior to joining Rubicon Project, Rebecca spent over 4 years on the programmatic buy-side optimising DSP campaigns and training Agency Media Planners to bring their programmatic activity in house.  

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  10. Go multi-channel with programmatic

    Programmatic has evolved rapidly since its emerged on the digital ecosystem since 2010. Various digital channels are available with more than 35 billion impressions who are able to be bought on display, mobile, native, video, audio, digital out of home & more but a tendency towards closed ecosystems is rising. Be aware of what you do as a marketeer and let your channels help each other, because without it, you won't be reach for this brave new world we live in.

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