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  2. Social media: Return of the Jedi

    In reality, most of Social Media is a sad display of hastly photoshopped messages with a cheesy CTA in a desperate way to drive engagement.

    "Timeline polution” is well on its way to be coined as one of the most polular topics of 2018. Brands struggle to find real purpose for their social media efforts in their crossmediamix. Influencers are being used as human billboards. Social platforms are sacrificing their soul on the altars of shareholder value and reach. The datagods reign supreme. Attention is measured in nanoseconds mediadollars can buy.

    Luckily, in the darkest of the Empire you can still see the trembling green light of The Force… The Resistance is there…

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  3. The photo marketing

    How at sharingbox we've developed solutions around the picture in order to help companies to reach their marketing goals : 

    - Improve their visibility on social network

    - Data collection

    - Create brand ambassador 

    - Generate Traffic (on line - in store - on event)

    Sidney was born and raised in Brussels Belgium. After his degree in International Marketing Sidney went to Boston to perfect is english and marketing skills. Back in Belgium he started his professionnal career as IT recruiter first for a UK company than for an american company. After 4 years in that industry Sidney started his own recruitment firm. It is from his recruitment backround that Sidney came up with the idea of "sharingbox", he wanted to help companies to attract good talent. Therefore sharingbox was the perfect tool for companies either to have their staff become brand ambassador or have companies using the sharingbox as conversation starter between them and potential candidate.

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  4. How brands can reach millennials on social media in 2019

    It’s no secret that Gen Y & Z is showing a different behaviour on social media than 5 years ago. Why is it that brands with a massive fanbase on Facebook seem to be unable to build the same audience on other social platforms like Instagram or YouTube? Let’s try and find some answers.

    Bert Marievoet had been working in digital media for over 15 years. From the first digital banners on over digitalising homepages on HLN to leading Twitter in Belgium. At the beginning of 2017, he launched his own company Native Nation - a social media agency (co-)creating thumb-stopping content. In September this year they introduced Galaksie, a brand new YouTube initiative aiming to create different series airing a new episode once a week.

    Bert will show different projects that turned out to be success cases for their clients.

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  5. From social to website to leads - Videos to drive people to your brand

    The is no such things as one perfect video that does it all. Let alone, one video that should be pushed everywhere! I’ll inspire you on videos that move viewers through the marketing funnel and provide tips to make sure your videos are optimized for success.

    Jordan Hagan is a Video Strategist at StoryMe. As a Video Strategist, her mission is to share her video knowledge through keynotes and workshops and activate companies with strategic video plans. When she's not educating and activating companies on the power of video, you can find her traveling Europe or visiting her hometown in Texas.

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  6. Lunch Break

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  7. Impact Of AI in CRO marketing strategy

    AI is evolving quickly and will rapidly take up a huge role in our marketing industries and methods for all sectors. Conversion rate optimisation is key in many online marketing strategies, and during this talk we will see different concrete examples about how AI will help companies to easily transform visitors and prospects into client. After several cases, we will see the actual state of AI in belgium, the legal aspects and the limits of its massive deployment.

    Marion Min is an expert in digital performance marketing. One year ago, she created the company Leadist, which was the first full performance and CRO-oriented media agency in Belgium. Marion is driven by innovation and new digital marketing techniques and that is why she’s naturally interested in AI.

    Nicolas HAMBLENNE is an associate in the TMT & IP Team of Koan Law Firm. He regularly advises Belgian and international companies active in the Media, Advertising and ICT sectors. His areas of expertise include Intellectual Property, Privacy and Data Protection, advising clients to navigate this increasingly complex regulatory landscape. Since 2016, Nicolas has been appointed Visiting Professor at IHECS in Brussels to teach the course “Privacy and laws in a digital world” and as an expert for “Etudiants-Entrepreneurs” (VentureLab Belgium). Since August 2017, Nicolas is CIPP/E Certified from the IAPP (International Association of Privacy Professionals) and can act as a DPO (Data Protection Officer).

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  8. Why marketers are wrong about influencer marketing?

    In this new talk, Jonathan shares his experience from an entrepreneurial point of view. He analyzes the influencer marketing and tells us what his vision for the future is. He explains how we managed to create successful campaigns with international brands like Coca Cola, KLM, Canon or the Belgian Governement. To summarize, Jonathan illustrates why he believes marketers are wrong about influencer marketing.

    In 2016 Jonathan quit his job, sold his car and bought a one way ticket to travel the world. Former consultant with a degree in communication and management, he created the concept MOM, I’M FINE®. Two years later, his story became an internet sensation. The concept appeared on multiple media platforms worldwide, raised 300.000 followers and has more than 100 million views on Facebook. Today, Jonathan has explored more than 50 countries in 4 different continents and transformed his Instagram account into a meaningful company

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  9. How does the new data intelligence platform create added value for suppliers ?

    Closing the gap is : how to make the link between the customer and the consumer in a shopper retail experience.

    Carrefour is clearly positioning as a services provider in a world where the customer needs more and more attention. It is through the data of the loyalty card that Carrefour will be able to highlight all of its services. Through a targeted, but non intrusive, communication, Carrefour will manage to bring the customer to the store to make him discover all the services that are awaiting him.
    How Carrefour will do that? By constructing customer knowledge that is more and more precise, which will enrich the quality of communication that the brand will be able to put forward in future communications with the customer.

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  10. Lunching with Robots: How Programmatic transformed Marketing

    From its very beginning, then called "Real-Time Bidding", programmatic advertising has aimed to disrupt marketing. We have seen major changes in the way media is traded, the importance of data for a marketing plan and the skillset needed in marketing departments. And yet, the full potential of programmatic still remains to be unlocked.

    Frederik has been working in digital marketing for over 10 years, on both the sell- and buy-side. His background in programmatic originated in Paris as a media buyer for the German, Dutch and Belgian market, followed by 3 years leading Xaxis, Group M's trading desk. Today Frederik is a Growth Manager for Google Marketing Platform (GMP), advising clients on how to get the most out of programmatic marketing.

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  11. How to outsource customer insights and lose value

    How many hours have you and your team spent listening to inspirational talks about how AI is the future of everything? How much EUR/USD/bitcoin has this realized for your organization today? We hear plenty of marketeers being frustrated about sitting on top of a pile of gold (their in-house data) but being unable to put it to work. Instead, third party networks are becoming the go-to destination for reaching the people you already know. Although convenient in the short-term, companies risk losing something extremely valuable in the process: the knowledge of who their customers really are. The time has come for artificial intelligence to get practical, and is striving to empower marketeers in taking back control over their customer insights.

    Pieter Strouven is co-founder and product lead at, an AI-startup that is building the next step in marketing automation. He is an enthusiastic tech communicator who believes the ongoing wave of big data, artificial intelligence and automation (aka “the Fourth Industrial Revolution”) will usher in a golden age where creativity and empathy conquer all

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  12. Everyday Innovation

    In "Everyday Innovation", Frederik from In The Pocket explains how Design Thinking helps companies create successful digital products and services. Not by putting you to sleep with the theory, but by providing examples and practical tips to make your own.

    Frederik is strategy lead at In The Pocket, a digital product studio that creates and ships products for Payconiq/Bancontact, Barco, Colruyt, Proximus etc. Additionally, he writes a biweekly tech-column for VRT NWS.

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