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  2. How to activate your Audiences! Raise your own results

    With one-click modeling, you can instantly create audiences that look like your best customers and activate them across digital channels. Franz will explain how to make the most of your digital marketing by reaching audiences that are most likely to convert, on the channels they are most likely to use – and make your messages more effective.

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  3. It's time to get personal. Why personalization is key to marketing success.

    Delivering the right message through the right channel at the right time is no longer a nice to have, it’s a must. The secret of success is to engage with your customers at the right moment. But how do you identify those throughout the customer journey? And, how do you ensure a cross-channel seamless experience?


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  4. Flexmail and Belisol: nurturing qualitative leads through automation

    Flexmail is a company which provides high level email marketing such as marketing automatioAnn from Flexmail will show the strength of automation which results in higher conversions. In cooperation with Belisol, Flexmail created an automated flow to seduce potential customers into buying their products. By making smart use of data, the potential customer gets the right message at the right time. Ensuring most qualitative sales lead nurturing.

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  5. Understand ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE and get inspired on how to boost your marketing results by simple and concrete applications !

    Marketing departments are always looking to reinvent themselves and finding new ideas to satisfy their customers. Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence are now revolutionizing traditional marketing strategies with results humans couldn’t even think of achieving. What is Artificial Intelligence ? Why do marketers have to consider it for their strategy ? What are the concrete applications of Ai ? How to start ? Come at this session and get inspired ! Then visit Wizata at booth 7 !

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  6. How will attribution transform your digital marketing?

    Since the beginning, a huge part of web analytics is knowing which digital campaigns are most effective. 

    Now, the campaign goals can be very different, the touchpoints before a conversion can be many, and the diversity of acquisition channels makes this work very complicated. 

    For google search campaigns on an ecommerce, it is relatively easy to calculate the ROI. For awareness-oriented campaigns such as display, RTB, social ... this is not. This is why last-click attribution has become obsolete.

    Let's see together how multi-channel attribution models can help you evaluate the return-on-investment of all those digital campaigns!

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  7. How to build a marketing automation strategy

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  8. Why personalisation no longer works, and why Marketing Automation is not the solution

    There’s a new Customer experience imperative: the opportunity of context and Marketing's mission of bringing differentiating and sticky customer experiences compel us to do things totally different. Personalisation as we know it today will no longer work if we don’t think in the customer’s mind-set. Find out how to turn this around, what role Marketing automation plays in it, and what Brexit has to do with all of this…

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  9. Ricoh case - from inspiration to conversion: Content marketing & Marketing automation in practice

    Only a limited amount of online visitors provide their email addresses and opt-ins. Therefore, marketing automation and lead nurturing are fundamental elements. Yet, they aren't the only practices that have the ability to effectively convert from inspiration and information. Ger Nijkamp will show how Ricoh Netherlands stimulates, facilitates and reports the changing orientation and decision-making processes within their B2B target groups and markets. Furthermore, what role marketing automation plays in this augmentation.

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  10. Marketing automation is not just about emails

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