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  2. How visual discovery can take people from inspiration to action?

    Today, people all over the world will make thousands of decisions about their life. Most are small, like what to eat or wear. Some are big. And, a few are monumental. Pinterest is a visual search engine with more than 100 billions ideas to help people make the most of every moment and design their life.

    Adrien Boyer, France Country Manager at Pinterest, will talk about the emergence of visual technology, what it means for consumers and brands, and how the company’s mission of helping people to discover and do what they love is making a global impact.

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  3. Ever had the feeling you've forgotten something very important? Is the pace of digital transformation leaving the customer behind?

    As businesses and brands transform themselves at pace, with ever more opportunities being opened up by new technologies, are we forgetting our customers? The speed of change is creating more complexity and businesses have been guilty of lacking empathy towards customers, even making their lives more difficult. As a result, trust in brands globally is at an all-time low.

    We will explore what marketers and agencies need to do to make sure that the most important person, the customer, is not left behind on the digital transformation journey.


    After graduating with a degree in Social Science, Sociology & Psychology Jon worked at Granada TV in their marketing and market research department before following his then boss to the brand new MTV Europe.  He spent a couple of years there helping them open offices across Europe before being headhunted to work for Disney in their international marketing department.  From there he was poached by the iconic ad agency BMP becoming their Head of Strategy at the tender age of 27.   Next stop was the media agency, PHD, where he was invited to run a new “Creative Communications” department, becoming Joint Managing Director of the company and helping them win Media Agency of the Year for 3 years in a row.

    In 2000 Jon, along with John Harlow and Will Collin, founded Naked, the ground breaking international communications agency.  Jon pioneered the concept of media neutrality during his time at Naked, speaking regularly at the World Federation of Advertisers on integrated marketing.  He worked on a range of local and global clients including Coca-Cola and Unilever and remained at Naked for 13 years as it grew into an international group with offices in cities including New York, Melbourne, Sao Paolo, Paris, Singapore, Dubai and Tokyo.

    Jon joined Karmarama at the beginning of 2014 as Executive Chairman.  Jon has been developing the Karmarama integrated offer, increasing the capabilities of the agency in data and mobile and working with key clients to help them grow their business through strategy and creativity.  In December 2016 he oversaw the sale of Karmarama to Accenture Interactive.

    He is a regular speaker both in the UK and internationally.

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  4. Let's get snacking on videos

    Why snap style video content is equally important for corporations as it is for consumers

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  5. Connecting the digital to the physical world

    Shazam has evolved from the humble SMS Message to Shazam for TV, Apple Siri, Apple Watch, Snapchat partnership and having our very own TV show and many more innovations. We are constantly growing and evolving our solutions, connecting consumers to the digital is what we do best. This talk explains how we create digital experiences from traditional media formats to bring print and physical assets to life!

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  6. How a technology company like Samsung can stimulate progression in social and environmental challenges?

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  7. Digital transformation and the future of digital marketing

    The internet offers businesses both the need and the opportunity to create one-to-one connections at scale. The need, because people's expectations are higher than ever. The opportunity, because there are literally billions of individual points throughout the day where we all pick up our phones, laptops or tablets to get things done. Each of these moments is an opportunity to connect with your customers in a meaningful way. The businesses that know when, where and how to make those connections will succeed. Because we are not only there for many of these moments, but also understand people's intent in each of these instances.

    Ruther Zonneveld is an experienced senior manager in digital, sales and strategy. With over ten years of experience at Google, he is now leading the retail, publishing and education sector for the Netherlands. On a day to day basis he shaping the way Businesses can succeed through digital transformation.

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  8. Gold in your inbox - Is your email strategy future-proof?

    What’s new, what’s trending?

    Is GDPR about to be a huge pain in the butt?

    Michelle Dassen takes you on an adventure booming with opportunities, achievable goals and tips&tricks to overcome any difficulties. Automation, segmentation and measuring are the key verbs in her story. Deliver gold in every customer’s inbox

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  9. The Vaimo Playbook: Omnichannel vs Digital First

    PJ Utsi is one of the Co-Founders of Vaimo and currently serves as Chief Creative Officer. He is the creative engine and digital evangelist of the Vaimo Group and mostly orbits in and around the User Experience and Ecommerce Strategy fields. With omnichannel, mobile, brands and apparel as favorite subjects, he keeps a constant focus on driving key Vaimo clients onward and upward

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  10. How brands win in the Age of Algorithms

    In marketing we’ve been focused on the short term for the last ten years. It started with the Banking Crisis in 2007/8 and has been reinforced by the rise of procurement and real time data feeds in digital.

    Today shorttermism has become the norm. Marketing is driven by ratio. The majority of our campaigns (70%) are activation campaigns in which we try to convince our consumers with rational arguments. Although we know we need to feed Kahneman’s System 1 if we want to safeguard our future growth. 

    Today research is showing that 10 years of shorttermism is hurting our business. Marketing has become less effective, brands are less powerful, sales go down. Only half of the TOP 100 advertisers worldwide are showing growth in 2016.

    Brands need to become powerful again and soon. The Age of the Algorithms is near. Brands have two choices. Either they try to play the algorithms or become so unique that consumer will choose them no matter what the algorithm is pushing.

    How do you become unique again? It’s a little different than before. This presentation will give you a few pointers.

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