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  2. AI, bots and Smart Speaker. OK, the whole Silicon Valley tell me I should be using them. But what for?

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  3. Artificial Intelligence - Why now and how?

    As the way technology interacting with people becomes a primary point of attention and differentiation, the enterprises face a new technological imperative: to add AI to enhance customer interactions and process automation. AI is making machines becoming intelligent. But AI is more than just learn – it needs to plan, act, understand, and reason. This presentation aims to understand why is AI feasible Today ... and how enterprise can apply first practices to make it become concrete.

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  4. How many videos dissapear on the internet?

    Videos are everywhere and in massive numbers, and viewers are becoming more and more selective in what they watch. How to avoid your video to get lost in the misty clouds of the web."

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  5. Fearless Leading with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

    Discover how you get your organization fearless leading with Avento’s digital transformation approach. We make life digitally easy in your natural work environment .

    In this session you will get a clear insight in Microsoft's platform with Office 365, Dynamics 365 & Power BI. All integrated in each other.

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  6. Disney Digital Experience: Spread the magic with bare necessities and a little bit of pixie dust

    What is the digital marketing strategy of Disney on content, target groups and touch points? What were the best practices… and the epic fails?

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  7. The challenge of retargeting for SME’s on Facebook

    Why is it so important for small and medium-sized companies to use retargeting on Facebook? We will explain it by means of a practical case that approaches the issue/topic both from a technical and a strategic point of view.
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  8. Social Media Marketing

    Are you doing it correctly?

    Are you sure that you are really taking advantage of it?

    An explanation of a successful use and its consequential benefits

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  9. Smart Influencer Marketing: How to turn data into stories

    How to leverage the power of Word-of-Mouth and Data to do a smarter Influencer Marketing

    The Stellar Mission

    To make influencer marketing smart, easy and more efficient — for everyone. We are committed to create the most innovative and data-driven solutions to help marketers find the right influencers and get impactful stories that deliver ROI on Social Media and the entire Web.

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  10. Introduction to ambassador marketing

    Shows you the benefits of an ambassador program and how to implement it in your organisation.

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