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  2. Digital transformation initiatives across Europe

    As the world connects, digital keeps growing in influence, impacting both businesses and society alike. From Estonia at the forefront of building a digital society, France boosting AI, the on-demand economy of Spain, to smart city projects in Russia or Switzerland and Malta pushing blockchain forward, come hear about digital transformation initiatives across the European continent to find inspiration for your own future.

    Denys Malengreau is digital consultant, training and advising organisations at managing digital identity. He steps in as a media correspondent and public speaker on the topics of the new economy.

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  3. How mobile apps are changing customer buying behavior

    In this presentation Joeky will explain how the rise of mobile apps have changed the costumer buying behavior. More specifically what is the impact of these apps within the customer journey and how you can use these developments to run more successful affiliate marketing campaigns.

    Joeky works for TradeTracker Belgium since 2016 and has extensive experience in growing affiliate programs with clients like TUI, Plopsa and Hello Bank. As Account Director she works closely with A brands to succesfully include new technologies and developments within their affiliate marketing program.

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  4. Lunch Break

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  5. Certain things have changed; How to find the next megatrend before your competition

    Adaptability is key to growing a successful business and that’s why there has never been a better time to be a startup. Numerous super-successful companies like Nokia, Kodak, and Blockbuster were leaders in the markets, with corresponding big marketing budgets and bank balances. But the main reason they either went bankrupt or were forced to leave the market and sell-up was that they were too slow to adapt to change. Missing a megatrend can end in bankruptcy faster than you believe. What's the next big megatrend? Learn the art of sensing and seizing trends.

    Raphael joined Evernote in 2017 as Account Executive and is responsible for growing company revenue and managing client relationships across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Prior to Evernote, he co-founded his own technology company, in Tokyo, Japan. He credits his experience as a co-founder for giving him the necessary skills to work successfully across virtual and multicultural teams. Raphael holds a master's degree in international management and a bachelor's degree in business administration.

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  6. AI powered administration

    Dreaming of 24/7 insight in your business, but actually wasting your time on horrible excel sheets and searching for left behind tickets?

    Say no more! We're going to show you your new way of bookkeeping  (and administration). Yuki takes care of your time-consuming tasks, so you have time to focus on your core business.

    Ellen, a confident, motivated and dynamic person who is not afraid to take all kinds of challenges. Couple of years ago she accepted the challenge to help start up Yuki. 3 years later she is still as happy and determined about this decision as she was when she started her Yuki-career. Yuki & Ellen are a perfect match. 

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  7. Digital Transformation: Are your employees prepared?

    Does this sound familiar: your company embraces the digitalization and sets up a communication campaign to inform its external customers. But what about your internal employees? Are they prepared? Do they welcome this change or shy away from it? A digitalization campaign can only be successful if your employees are not only prepared, but also excited about it!

    For the past couple of years, we at TinQwise have specialized in developing learning solutions on digital transformation. During this inspiration session we’ll walk you through the 5 ingredients that can make your internal change journey a success. We’ll give you real world examples and reveal how we manage our clients for maximum results. If this inspires you to learn more, be sure to come find us at our exhibition stand!

    Kristin Aerts started TinQwise Belgium in 2014, from a passion for personal development and business efficiency. Her prior experiences in human performance consultancy, recruitment and marketing all blend together in TinQwise. Kristin’s main focus is on business development and designing innovative and pragmatic learning solutions for TinQwise’s clients.

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  8. Digital transformation seen through automation

    The advancement of affordable artificial intelligence opens up new opportunities for companies to automate repetitive process and enhanced online customer experience. During this talk we share different use cases and hands on tips to get started.

    Mathis is 19 years old. He started developing mobile applications for fun at 13 years old. At 16 years old he quitted school to create his own web agency. 6 months later he started to develop and sold a chatbot to On February 2017, he founded Faqbot SA, that turns frequently asked questions (FAQ) content into chatbot.

    Denny has more than 18 years of experience in business development, sales, marketing and product development. He spent last 10 years helping global brands to digitalise their sales and build direct to consumer channels. Denny have worked in China, India, United States of America, Germany, England, Australia and many more countries. He is cofounder and customer success officer at Faqbot.

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  9. How customer-facing analytics will kill your competitors

    Discover how implementing and using customer-facing analytics can get you ahead of the competition.

    Geoffrey fell in love with Tableau in 2014 and decided to launch his own company around it, Biztory was born. He is passionate about analytics and has been around 10+ years in Business Intelligence & Analytics solution selling. His approach is customer-driven and to serve as an advisor in the journey towards a total solution approach with a focus on Tableau tech.

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  10. The media market of tomorrow - it's the content, stupid

    Consumers see more than 1.000 brands daily, TV-advertising gets fast forwarded and adblockers force publishers to find alternative revenue sources. Combining these market trends with the fact that an advertiser needs to be present on every platform, makes that the markets of advertising and content are being redefined.

    Michel will take you through the evolution of that market shift and will show cases on how clients of SPOTT.AI are uplifting their content marketing efforts by using interactivity on all platforms and learn how to improve their ROI.

    Michel is cofounder and -ceo of SPOTT. Allowing content interactivity on any platform, SPOTT.AI has partnered up with Paramount, Fox, Lidl, IKEA, Belmodo, Eurovision, RTL, AH, Talpa, Asics, … . SPOTT has been recognized as one of the 100 most disruptive products worldwide and has worldwide partnerships with Microsoft and Publicis.

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