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  2. Advocacy Marketing : 
real-life cases based on a 
future-proof vision

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  3. Learn from Lego, Nespresso, Tesla, Netflix, General Electric, Walmart, Spotify - Customers at the Heart, People as the Soul & Digital as the Oxygen

    The changes that are upon us will alter the face of every industry, business and government, and even more importantly the way our society lives. Transforming while performing is a true balancing act, challenging companies of all sizes in this digital revolution powered by new technologies crossing the physical, digital and biological world. Understand by seeing the driving trends and its implications. Gain the insight, tools, flexibility and energy necessary to perform while transforming at a high level as a person and as a business. To succeed in ‘Digital’ Transformation, you need to put the Customer at the Heart, value People as the Soul and drive Digital as the Oxygen of your company.  How do you find the right balance between performing – delivering on your short-term commitments of your core products and services and transforming – the long-term belief in your future and the power to adapt and lead? What transformational leadership do you need?  How do you find the sparkle in your Transformation? And what can we learn from cases like Lego, Nespresso, Microsoft, Tesla, Netflix, Patagonia, General Electric and Spotify?

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  4. Digital footprint is the new CV

    Monitoring your brand image is no longer a question of celebrity. In an increasingly connected world, digital is having a growing influence on both our personal and professional lives. Are you aware of what you added and what pertains to you on the Internet? What is your digital footprint? Does it properly reflect who you are and what you do? A strong and consistent personal brand fosters trust. Trust grabs attention. Attention drives conversation. And conversation triggers opportunities. Digital identity planner is considered as being a job of the future. How about starting to be your own?

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  5. Mobile Digital Onboarding: client case at an international player in consumer finance

    For an international player in consumer finance, we changed the old retail point of sales solution with mobile and real-time scanning technology, linked to a powerful business process engine. This drastically changed the onboarding of new customers as it made the process shorter and easier.

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  6. ‘Welcome to the Age of Relevance’

    Welcome to a post-brand world...

    Clients don’t care about who you are or what you stand for as a brand.

    The only thing they care about is what kind of relevant and unique ‘experience’ you offer them!


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  7. Why accounting IS sexy


    A presentation given by Ellen Sano, Managing Director of Yuki. First of all, Yuki is a Cloud based administration platform that allows you to digitize and automate your administration. In her presentation, Sano will be talking about the disruptive changes that are taking place in every industry when it comes to digitalization. She will introduce you to Yuki and explain to you how you can easily outsource all "boring but necessary" accounting tasks in a clever way.


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  8. What digital means for a publisher?

    The newspaper "Le Soir" has nearly 130 years of presence in Belgium and has been a pioneer throughout its history. Being an early adopter of digital technologies, Le Soir launched, 21 years ago, the first information site in french-speaking Belgium at that time. is now visited by more than 300,000 unique visitors per day. Le Soir was also the first daily newspaper to launch its mobile apps, 10 years ago. Embracing new digital business models,  Le Soir launched a year and half ago a new digital offer dedicated to subscribers. 

    How does Le Soir address the challenges of digital at a time when the eco-system of the media undergoes a profound technological, industrial and economic transformation? 

    Olivier will share with you his experience in accelerating the digital mutation of Le Soir.

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  9. From Mad Men to artificial intelligence: Sales & Marketing revolution?

    Real-life examples of using data and technology to capture business benefits of automation, personalisation and predictive algorithms

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  10. A Digital Transformation as a way to leverage collective intelligence

    The purpose of a digital transformation should be to leverage collective intelligence. It is key to implement the appropriate tools for collaboration and co-creation. There are platforms that connect individuals, automate the match-making, facilitate idea sharing and allow to set-up experimentation spaces. Help your collaborators to become a digital entrepreneur!

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