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  2. How to successfully combine the activities of creating startups, corporate venturing and seed stage investment

    We’ll share our experiences and key learnings having built 20 startups over the past 2 years. From validating an idea to building a great team, raise funding up until the exit: what does it takes to succeed and the key success factors. Reality check of those who think entrepreneurship is a land of freedom and relaxation

    Startup Factory builds businesses that are solving real problems using technology. We are early stage focused and provide efficient access to smart capital, corporate network and a fantastic community of talented entrepreneurs.

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  3. Testimony on how to raise funds and finance your growth (Powered by Be Angels)

    Fundraising is a problem many tech entrepreneurs struggle with when starting out. In which scenarios do you need funds ? Who should you reach out to ? What’s a shareholders agreement and what mistakes should you avoid ? 

    Marc is a business engineer with 5+ years of experience in business management. He worked for one of Brussels’ first startup studios (Make-It), led a successful Kickstarter campaign, helped launch 4 startups, assisted one of the most important banking groups in Europe with its innovation strategy and coached professional teams for the launch of robot-advisors and auto-saving services. He now runs *Hey*, a startup the aims to create a friendlier internet.

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  4. Pitching Session

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  5. 10 reasons why you shouldnÂ’t apply for an accelerator

    Every startup wants to grow big, bigger, biggest. And preferably fast. That's where acceleration programs come into play... Does this mean every startup should apply for an accelerator? We at imec.istart believe not. Let’s go through all the wrong reasons and learn if an acceleration program - and of course preferably ours - is something you should consider.

    Elise is one of the Venture Acceleration Managers for imec.istart, imec's acceleration program that aims to be the first investor and supporting partner to scale tech start-ups. She focuses on the coaching of media, telecom & entertainments start-ups and involves industry partners (Mediahuis, Medialaan, Roularta, Telenet, VRT Sandbox and MediaNet Vlaanderen) as mentors in the imec.istart program.

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  6. Dare to start !

    Learn how successful entrepreneurs run their project step-by-step. When to build your business model, offer, pitch, business plan, team, product and first sales efforts?

    We will cover best tactics used by successful startups to grow very quickly using simple methods and tools as #LeanStartup. Get a take-away of references, templates and free resources. Watch out, previous participants wanted to start their business right away !

    Innovation coach, Partner & Chief Innovation Officer at Convidencia, Michel supports organisations and entrepreneurs developing cooperation, agility, innovation and a sustainable performance. Actively involved in different startup communities, he co-designed and joined accelerators and coaching programs. Fan of hackathons, he run more than 80 events in Europe and Africa.

    Michel is Facilitator at Startup Weekend, curator of the Startup Digest Brussels, author of the Hackathon Canvas and co-author of ParticipAgile method.

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  7. Deep Learning for Fashion Search

    Only 4 to 6% of users that visit an online store actually make a purchase. One key reason for low conversion rates is the quality of the search functionality. Currently most online stores restrict consumers to search only with text or category filters, but visual search is not allowed. However, the fashion e-commerce world is largely dominated by visual cues and consumers want to find what they seek fast with the right colors, shapes and patterns. In this talk, we will discuss a series of techniques that can be implemented in your store to improve the quality of search results, enabling visual search and using state-of-the-art techniques in computer vision and natural language processing. Implementing these techniques will enable stores to capture insights into what customers really want to buy and ultimately increase sales. 

    Susana received a PhD in Computer Science in Dec. 2016. Her research interests lie at the intersection of computer vision and natural language processing, and include deep learning, topic modeling and graphical models. Specifically, she focuses on developing end-to-end learning architectures to jointly detect fine-grained attributes on both images and text. She has worked for NASA as an Artificial Intelligence Researcher to automatically search for long-period comets that might impact Earth. She has worked for Microsoft Research, where she developed machine learning tools for optimizing environments for large scale software development. Additionally she holds two Masters degrees, one in Mechanical Engineering, where her research focused on human-robot interaction technologies, and one in Mathematical Physics, where she focused on gravitational fluctuations in Domain Wall Spacetimes. In 2014, she was awarded a Google Anita Borg Scholarship.

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