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  2. Proximus EnCo, Unleash the power of API’s!

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  3. Amplify your business through a digital ecosystem

    A basic need of the human being is air, and preferably, healthy air.

    At our customer we connected this air, IoT and knowledge to benefit key insights and to amplify their business of tomorrow

    This session demonstrates the key benefits of a digital ecosystem at a world leader in the area of ventilation, sun protection and terrace coverings.

    This ecosystem includes IoT devices, a future-proof API management approach and supports multiple customer-oriented touchpoints.

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  4. Digital innovation in retail banking

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  5. How to strengthen your customer journey with the latest and upcoming technologies


    The customer journey is an essential part of each marketing and communication strategy. We try to understand customer behaviour as well as possible so we can serve our customer as best we can. Over the recent years, technological developments have had a huge impact on the customer journey. 

    How can you handle the latest communication technologies in order to optimise and enrich your customer's journey? Joris van der Waart shows you how to use the latest technologies in your marketing strategy and how you can use smart applications in the era of digital transformation. What can we expect from chatbots, voice search and mobile platforms? How can you make a positive impact on your customers as a business and how can you effectively implement chross-channel marketing? 

    There are so many technological developments that it's important to keep a close eye on how this technologies can help to improve your marketing strategy and customer experience. During this interactive and inspiring workshop of 25 minutes, Joris will show you some inspirational cases and demos and give you concrete ideas how to improve your customer journey.



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  6. How do you build your teams to face digital transformation?

    In this era of Digital Transformation, where change seems to be the only constant, we sometimes forget our most valuable assets: our employees. Why is it a challenge to build teams during digital transformation? Why digital activities need to be made more inhouse? How do you attract, recruit, and retain these Digitally Savvy people?

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  7. How cloud eats software for breakfast in #webdesign! 

    Cloud technology is rapidly impacting sales and marketing processes in every business. 
    Smart technologies are changing the way how we connect and collaborate. 

    We are shifting from organic tool-stacks to cloud based platforms. 
    How will Artificial Intelligence enrich our work experience? 

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  8. How performance impacts your digital turnover

    Which KPI you should look at to fill in the gap between IT and business metrics.

    Performance of your website or mobile app have a direct impact on your turnover.
    Objective of this conference is to sensitize business or digital manager to the importance of performance, from the end user viewpoint.

    Do you know what is the impact of performance on your revenue? Which metrics are important to look at and how better speak/collaborate with IT on those topics?

    End user performance is not only an IT stuff... but a shared objective information helping teams from different horizon to work together. You can't manage what you don't measure.

    At the end of this conference, every participant will receive a voucher for a free performance analysis (quickscan) of their website.

    Key-Performance work in performance since the year 2000 (the early stage of e-commerce) and with blue ships company in the Benelux, always helping them to improve their business through a better performance.

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  9. Can machine learning help in predicting your customer’s efficiency? Case of the European train freight industry.

    In this presentation, we will give insights on the advantages of turning data into intelligent action and we will tell you if and how machine learning can help you improve your customer’s efficiency. We live in a world where your efficiency and revenue depend on your customers’ efficiency. We’ll see how the concepts of Data Mining & Machine Learning can be applied and we’ll illustrate this with a specific case in the European train freight industry.

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