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  2. The digital transformation of the B2B world with open source solutions

    B2B eBusiness is fast growing and will continue to do so for the coming years. There are multiple types of “B” with various needs and the modern B2B shoppers is more and more looking for premium buying experiences similar to those he’s used to as a B2C customer. We’ll see how Open Source solutions (including Magento) can provide the agility, modularity and seamless integration to the IT ecosystem needed to cater for these needs.

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  3. Driving value through customer centricity

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  4. Perfect Product Information is the Key to Success in Micro-moments

    Is your product data ready for online, POS and Print? Inriver, product information management tool, will show a full demo of the new inriver marketing cloud.

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  5. E-commerce does not always mean ‘exclude the middle-man’

    When companies start e-commerce initiatives, too often the conclusion is to exclude resellers and distributors from the sales process. This is not always the right approach. Resellers often take an important role in terms of marketing, sales, support, installation and after sales.

    When choosing an e-commerce solution, consider solutions that do not exclude the resellers. Consider a solution that can be offered as a service to the reseller network. Such solutions require specific features in order to make this a success. During this talk, I am happy to share insights and experiences in terms of features and technologies that make e-commerce work, without the exclusion of 'the middle-man'.

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  6. The future and present of programmatic TV

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  7. How could you integrate offline media in your digital strategy: Radio Programmatic Buying

    Programmatic buying has until now always been associated with display ads and even video. The ability to create awareness through programmatic buying, implies opportunities for other « top of mind » media. This is why in the past months and even years we see a focus growing towards programmatic for offline medias. It’s only normal that Radio received its place as well. A new way of measuring and using classical media is born. During this session we’ll talk about the opportunities it represents and how we integrated it in our digital strategy. 

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  8. Boost programmatic revenues through a holistic approach

    Programmatic revenues have boosted over the last two years and will continue to grow. However this does not mean a complete stop of the traditional way of media buying (per signed IO). Managing both revenue streams from a commercial and technical point of view isn’t perse an easy task and nor does it generate the highest possible revenues. Looking at the technical infrastructure many publishers still operate in a classic waterfall where adserver and SSP do not compete with each other for the same impression. This has several downsides for not only ad ops and yield managers, but also creates unclarity for the commercial team to effectively manage and sell their inventory for the best price possible. This is especially the case for video publishers, who have relatively high volume of deals that are sold on a guaranteed basis, and where programmatic deals on a impression by impression basis often are not able to compete for the most valued impressions where even a higher price could have been earned. During this session, I will provide some key insights, from both ad ops/yield perspective as well as from the commercial side why a holistic approach helps publishers in boosting their overall revenues.

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  9. The Future of Search Marketing

    Some of the big trends in our industry in 2017 are: voice search, local targeting, personalized content, mobile-first indexing, multimedia results, personalized SERPs, keyword-less search…

    It used to be much simpler, right? In this context, how can we stay on top of Search Engine Results? The choices we make now will shape how successful we are over the next few years, so it’s worth taking the time to get them right.


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  10. Programmatic? Expertise and transparency with Gamned

    Programmatic investments have been skyrocketing over the last years, along with claims for more transparency, brand safety, expert advice from the Advertisers. With its in-house technologies and fully transparent approach, Gamned is the ideal Trading Desk for Branding and Acquisition campaigns using all kinds of supports / formats (display, video, mobile, social media …). We deliver both performance and true support to our clients, leading the way to building long term partnerships. Meet us to understand how we make this work!

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