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  2. Digitalis. You can and you must reinvent your company

    Digitalis is a country with 4 billion inhabitants connected to each other thanks to the Internet.
    We should not be afraid of digitisation, on the contrary, it gives us a unique opportunity to reinvent everything. Reinvent mobility, housing, healthcare, shopping, ... So, how will you reinvent your own company?

    Thierry Geerts is father of 4 children and graduated as Solvay Business Engineer at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in 1989. After his studies, he started working as auditor for Coopers & Lybrand (now PWC), but quite soon his passion for media, online marketing and innovation led him to management and board positions at, among others, Corelio Publishing, Nostalgie, VAR, Clickx and Passe-Partout. In 2008, he became CEO of Corelio Business Development and Arkafund.

    Since 2011, he is Country Director of Google Belgium and as such he is positioned in the heart of the digital revolution, online marketing and innovative entrepreneurship.
    He’s member of the“Digital Minds for Belgium”of Deputy Prime Minister De Croo, “Le Conseil du Digital”of Walloon Minister of Economy and of the board of IAB Europe. He’s the author of “Digitalis”.

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  3. How Pinterest is helping people discover and do the things that they love?

    How brands on Pinterest can reach consumers in a unique mindset : active consideration.

    Today, people all over the world will make thousands of decisions about their life. Most are small, like what to eat or wear. Some are big. And, a few are monumental. Pinterest is a visual search engine with more than 100 billions ideas to help people make the most of every moment and design their life.

    Adrien Boyer, France Country Manager at Pinterest, will talk about the emergence of visual technology, what it means for consumers and brands, and how the company’s mission of helping people to discover and do what they love is making a global impact.

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  4. How you can connect with your customers in a whole new way with the latest innovations of the Salesforce platform

    Salesforce Marketing Cloud is an intelligent customer relationship management (CRM) platform for marketers that allows them to create and manage marketingrelationships and campaigns with customers. You'll discover how you can create a 360° view of your customers thanks to Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

    Luc Schamhart is Regional Vice President at Salesforce and responsible for the Marketing Cloud.
    The Salesforce platform offers companies the opportunity to develop powerful, user-friendly mobile apps at lightning speed. Before Luc joined Salesforce, he worked at Microsoft and IBM in various roles.

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  5. How I built a company from 1 to 500 employees

    Fabien Pinckaers is the founder & CEO of Odoo. In just 12 years, the company he launched went from one person, to a multi-national of 500 employees having activities in 130 countries. In this presentation, Fabien will explain how to grow a company from 1 to 500 employees: what are the challenges, what are the mistakes to avoid, and how to use digital as a key competitive advantage.

    Used by 3.9 millions of users, Odoo has transformed the world of SMEs, by making digital transformation accessible to every company. For just 18€ / user / month,  Odoo Apps cover all business needs: CRM, marketing, HR, accounting, inventory, project management, etc.

    Fabien & Odoo have won the following awards: Deloitte Fast 50, EY Promising Enterprise of the Year, Trends Gazelles BW, INSEAD Innovator of The Year, Bossie Award, Top Manager of the Year, Linux New Media Awards.

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  6. Lunch Break

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  7. BlockBuster Marketing Trends, How to monetize B2B content

    We believe there is a better marketing model for B2B leveraging audience insights, a creative strategy for all time content, distribution though the right channels and measurement that goes beyond vanity metrics. 

    In this keynote Marcel Molenaar will share his perspective on how to utilize todays trends in marketing and embrace this new way of content marketing.

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  8. Driving success with Ecommerce Psychology

    What are the successful strategies and tactics in digital commerce when it comes to psychology? Stephen will share some insights on how to best drive success with behavioural psychology in digital commerce, based on practical experience working with retailers and brands across Europe.

    Stephen Hill is the lead UK Strategist at Vaimo, with over 10 years experience working in ecommerce. Starting with Coca-Cola in Australia back in 2006, he's now based in London helping clients grow with a data-driven approach. Having spent time on both the agency side and the client side, Stephen has a wealth of experience with ecommerce tactics and has worked with clients such as Dyson, L'Oréal, Royal Mail, Casio, Helly Hansen, Agent Provocateur, Royal Academy of Arts, Fjällräven and Björn Borg.

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  9. Digital opportunities in Belgium

    We are smack-bang in the middle of what is generally called the Fourth Industrial Revolution - an era in which technology and digitalisation take centre stage. Digital is the new normal, in other words.
    This digital transformation creates challenges - for people, businesses, schools and governments.

    The biggest challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution are:
        - The interplay and interaction between all those new technologies and trends and the existing legal framework;
        - The speed at which our SMEs and public services can adapt;
        - And the inclusiveness of the transformation.

    After all, getting on the digital train requires more than just a mental switch. Skills play a central part.
    There are currently plenty of vacancies that cannot be filled because the skill sets are missing. Investing in digital skills is therefore essential to benefit from this transformation, which will lead to better jobs and more jobs in new sectors.

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  10. Massive Creative Content at Global Level

    Today, 4 creative deliverables have turned into 4000, 8 months deadline has changed to 8 days and 8 hours. And budgets remain the same. The conditions for creative agencies to deliver content have changed. That's why smarter, more efficient ways of content creation and international deployment are needed.

    Communicating by means of video is crucial to bring a brand to life. For advertisers and brands, but also for B2B industries and public organisations, coming up with regular and fresh content helps to retain and even more expand their audiences. But how to produce more often, and remaining effective in reaching your goals at global level? How to deploy that content at global level, making sure that every market, every audience receives the message at its best? Being part now of global group Datawords, 87seconds aims at transcreating content at a much larger scale.

    Philip is a communications and creative content specialist, in charge of 87seconds Brussels since its very beginning in 2013. Today he's one of the managing partners to pursue 87seconds global adventure, even more since its recent acquisition by worldwide group Datawords.

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  11. Your contact determines your customer journey: the role of e-mail marketing in your strategy

    Today, a one-size-fits-all funnel is no longer sufficient. What is the purpose of your communication in every step? Do you give your contact the information that he actually needs at that moment? 

    Relevance is key: give your contact control via interaction, personalization and programming. 

    Michelle explains how you go from impersonal newsletters to a thoughtful strategy - for every mail you send from now on.

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  12. On the road with Imogen Heap: the diaries of a visionary music maker and technology innovator

    A 12-month, 40-city technology and music tour which presents Imogen Heap’s vision of the music industry of the future. Bringing to life Mycelia’s Creative passport – a blockchain based digital identity standard which empowers music makers to connect their digital self and personal works - this shared journey shows how we can better seek, acknowledge and reward creators through transformative technologies and creative partnerships. 

    Highlighting how innovations such as Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence have the potential to change the lives of music makers, this tour rewrites the rules, setting the framework for a fair, vibrant and flourishing music industry.

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